Decadent designs for the un-dead

Decadent designs for the un-dead

Sporting the latest in ghastly gear, Corpse Bride advertises our Tim Burton-themed selection, for those who like their Halloween quirky as well as creepy. Created by Shannon Leesing (S1) and Stephanie MacInnes (S1) Hair-styling assistance provided by Sarah Stoddart (S6).


Be afraid, be very afraid…


This next stop in our tour of 2013, is a fear-filled Library House of Horrors. Designed with partitions to add darkness and gloom to our scariest books, we saw many villanous types lurking under the stairs, enjoying evil writings of various types….and the occasional sandwich when they thought I wasn’t looking. Thanks to Cody Harding (S5), Carl Jordan (S6),  Arun Samra (S1) Michael Angus (S2) and the rest of the Dark Horde.

Once in a Blue Moon

Once in a Blue Moon

Another member of our crew, Crystal McKain (S6, Already noted for outstanding service in the line of duty while the Librarian was regenerating) came up with a bright idea to promote the library’s less-frequently discovered treasures – Once in a Blue Moon. Once given the prominence they deserved, these books fairly flew off the shelves; to homes, classrooms and beyond!

Time flies when you’re in the Library

Time flies when you're in the Library

And here we have Pebbles, representing Time in this year’s Book Week – and carrying a big club. Just remember to return your books….

Take me to your Library

Take me to your Library

Sarah Stoddart (S6) designed two mascots to advertise Book Week. Here she is, standing with Alan the Alien….

Upon my arrival I was overjoyed to find a school with such enthusiasm for libraries and reading. The English Department were already orgainsing Book Week 2013 – a celebration of reading and a vital fundraiser for Library and Literacy projects across the school. The Library crew couldn’t wait to get involved, and we soon transformed the Library into an epic journey across space and time…


Beginning with a Big Bang!

Beginning with a Big Bang!The Big Bang Theory display in the Library. Ever wondered what’s on Sheldon Cooper’s reading list? Thanks to Carl Jordan (S6) we soon found out!